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News & Events
St. Georgians Visit Old Age Home in Seria
Sat, 23 Jun 2012

The Year 7 students of St. Georges' School visited the old age home in Seria on June 21, 2012. As many as 85 students and two teachers visited and interacted with about 11 inmates of the home. This visit was organized by the Humanities Department, in conjunction with the Humanities Week (18-23rd June, 2012).

Students distributed towels, fruits; the schools' recycle bags, greeting cards, munchies and a lunch pack to each one of them. The old folks received them happily and blessed the children. A short performance of singing and poem reading was also prepared and presented by students, bringing smiles on the tiredly folks.

The visit was an attempt to inculcate a sense of selfless service towards the less fortunate. The experience proved to be an emotional experience for students. Some of the students promised to go back and spend time with the old people during the holidays, a few assured to celebrate their birthdays with the old and some even wanted to send gifts to the new friends they had made.

Students left the place with lots of thoughts lingering in their minds: the value of parents, the importance of grandparents and the tenderness with which they need to take care of old people. So true that; opportunity, words and loved ones - once gone, can never come back!

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