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Eco-project Spurs Pupils' Interest
Mon, 19 Nov 2012

MEMBERS of "Project G" who are students from St. George's School explained in an interview with The Brunei Times how their project has fostered their interest in science and enabled them to work independently.

As part of the "Project G", Year 10 science students from St. George's School were at The Mall, Gadong on November 13, to talk to the public about the conservation and to gain signatures for planting trees. Basing themselves at the entrance from 2pm until 8pm, they managed to gain 150 signatures and "Likes" on their Facebook page.

A student in Year 10 science, Puah Shi Shuen, 16, noted the excitement and interest of going out of the four walls of the classroom "to know more of the crowd and attitudes of the people on going green."

She explained how they went about urging people to sign up, by approaching them and introducing themselves before explaining the aim of adopting a tree.

While talking with the public, she ran into difficulty when communicating in Malay. "There is always some difficulty in explaining because some people don't really understand English."

However, the group overcomes the communication barrier by explaining the ideas slowly, explained Puah. In fact, inspire of the language barrier, most of them adopted the trees.

Interest in the subject was also strengthened. "Biology is one of my favorite subjects, it's really interesting because everyone knows that this pollution issue is a big problem and science can help it a lot. This project is really helping my interest in science," she added.

For Maxwell Tan Tai Khoon and Mohd Ashmeer s/o Imtiaz Ahmad who are both 16, explained it was their first time being part of a group like "Project G".

They both talked about how the group discussed names and came up with "Project G" since it sounded nice and was very easy to remember.

Ashmeer noted how they were not so interested in the cause at first. "We just thought it was just a class project and we only wanted to get some marks. After seeing all the support our teacher gave us - we were thinking, if our teacher does something extra for us why don't we do something extra for him?"

Meanwhile, Maxwell shared his interest in science, "We love science, our teacher always shows us interesting experiments," he said.

Even though Maxwell was enthusiastic about the project, he foresaw the balance academic work and "Project G" as potential struggle in the coming year. "Maybe there will be some problem in balancing time because next year is our 'O' levels, but we will try to manage it properly."

The "Project G" Facebook page can be found on

Courtesy from Brunei Times. Sunday, 18 November 2012.

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