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News & Events
Leadership Training 2013
Tue, 9 Apr 2013

This year's Leadership Training was held in Jeruton Hotel, Jerudong with the theme "Dynamic Leaders for St Georgians".

The training was attended by 40 Student-Leaders and facilitated by the Student Affairs Officers headed by Cikgu Norazaman and Mr. Eugene. The topics were THE QUALITIES OF DYNAMIC LEADERS presented by the Principal, Mr. Janidi Jingan while The President of St. George's School, Bishop Cornelius Sim talked about doing Great for others and for oneself. Mr. Antony Liew on the other hand presented a topic on how to combat the misuse of technology and challenged the student - leaders to be on guard against misuse of social media.

Various activities were also held, such as, team building activities and Cultural presentation where students showcased their talents. The Cultural Night involved performances not only by the students but also by the Facilitating Teachers who presented a comedy skit showing how St. George's School helps students and her customers to be useful members of the society.

The Training concluded with the presentation of different plans of action for the 2013 school year to benefit the school and her customers. The students were reminded that the prepared plans were good but their execution was important if they did not want their effort, time and resources wasted.

The Leadership training was made possible and successful due to the support extended by The President of SGS, Bishop Cornelius Sim, Mr. Anthony Liew, the Chairman of the Board of Governors, Mr. Janidi Jingan, our beloved Principal and the ever supportive Deputy Principal Mr. Mubarak and the Head of Secondary, Madam Chew Lai Kwan.

Special Thanks to Mr. Nicholas and Ms Stephanie who documented all the activities on pictures and videos. Not to forget, a great thank you to the Student Affairs Officers for sharing their time by staying with the student - leaders, making sure that they were safe and that the training was productive.