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News & Events
Making an impact for a better tomorrow
Sun, 1 Sep 2013

Deloitte, an auditing firm in the Sultanate, organised "Impact Day 2013", a day dedicated to making an impact by encouraging employees to give back to community.

Deloitte collaborated with Daikyo Industrial Gas Sdn Bhd for this year's Impact Day, staging it at St. George's School on 31 August 2013 with the theme "Education and Youth".

Jeffrey Hung, the marketing executive of Daikyo Industrial Gas, delivered a talk at the school, educating students on the importance of recycling and the different things they can do to protect the environment.

He also discussed the growth of landfills in Brunei, from just one in Sg Akar to another in Sg Paku.

"We are tring to make Brunei an environmental friendly and sustainable country in order to up-hold and maintain its image as the 'Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures', he said. "This is where recycling comes in, because it'll lessen the amount of garbage brought to the landfills."

Hung also explained to the students that the lands used for landfills can instead be used for parks, agriculture, commercial areas or housing developments.

"For this to happen, we need to work hand in hand, educating the future leaders of tomorrow about the importance of recycling, because I believe that with the right mindset, (we) can become eco-warriors."

Deloitte also contributed to Impact Day with a career talk on the accounting profession, delivered by Audit Manager Wong Li Len, In addition, Deloitte presented scholarships to underprivileged students, to allow them to continue their studies at St. George's School.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, Wong Li Len said, "If students are taught about recycling at an early age, this may trigger their conscience to change their daily habits, however small."

"Because of the theme, we decided to give a carrier talk that can help students facing financial problems," she added.

St. George's School Principal Janidi Jingan said, "This is for our future. We should train a child (on environment conservation) now, so that it becomes a habit once they are older. This will teach them to be responsible adults."

A signing ceremony was also held for an Environmental Recycling Agreement between Daikyo Industrial Gas and St. George's School, where the school was also given a recycling bin to utilise. - Ikhwan Salleh (The Brunei Times)