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Choral Speakers of St. George's win $700BND for the School!!
Tue, 1 Oct 2013

The Speech Choir of St. George's Secondary acquired the third place in the Choral Speaking competition held on 21st September 2013, Conducted by the Ministry of Education, Curriculum Department, in conjunction with His Majesty's Birthday Celebrations. The Finals was held during the Night Festival at the Bandar Seri Begawan Market place. Throngs of people crowded the market place to watch the various shows and competitions held on that day.

There were 29 choir members and one conductor. The training for the Choir was laborious ever since St. George's was judiciously chosen to be in the Finals. It was a tough fight against the other government schools, which were well trained for the competition. With a few untold hassles, George's still won the third place. The Prize was $700 BND, a trophy and certificates for the students. "Though a little disappointed that we couldn't make it to the top we still know that we did our best" said Teacher Vimala Dewi, the assistant Trainer and English Trainer.

The students and teachers were honored in the school assembly by the Principal; the Deputy Principal said "The team was undoubtedly admirable; SGS will always have another chance to stand undefeated". The Choir is now performing in various school programs to display the talent.

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