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Sat, 14 Feb 2015


Congratulations to all Year 11 (2014) students on your achievement in the BC GCE Ordinary Level Examination 2014, particularly to the following students.

1.Haji Muhammad Noor Ili Hazimin bin Hj Awg Osman9 "O" 2B's and 7C's
2.Lee Yun Hou9 "O" 1A*, 4A's, 3B's & 1C
3.Muhammad Yazid bin Abd Hamid9 "O" 1A & 8B's
4.Muhammad Harith Syukri Bin Haji9 "O" 3A's, 5B's & 1C
5.Muhyiddeen Ennawawi bin Amrinal9 "O" 6B's & 3C's
6.Shuhaina Begam9 "O" 1A*, 3A's & 5B's
7.Awangku Muhammad Habibullah Bin Pg Hj Jufri8 "O" 1A, 6B's & 1C
8.Ang Woan Yean8 "O" 4A*, 1A, 2B's & 1C
9.Muhammad Aqil bin Awang8 "O" 1A & 8B's
10.Muhammad Asyraf bin Shahmi/Siminggo8 "O" 4B"s & 4C's
11.Awangku Mohammad Najmi Hazwan bin Pg Harun8 "O" 4B's & 4C's
12.Mah Zheng Xiang8 "O" 4B's & 4C's
13.Mohammad Hafiz bin Mohd Ali8 "O" 1A, 5B's & 2C's
14.Muhammad Aiman Wafiy bin Zafri8 "O" 1A, 5B's & 2C's
15.Natalie Lim Jia Ying8 "O" 1A*, 2A's & 5B's
16.Nuramal Najihah binti Abdullah8 "O" 1A, 5B's & 2C's
17.Pratibha Siva Nathan8 "O" 2A*, 5B's & 1C
18.Vincentius Billy Devanandha8 "O" 3A's & 5B's
19.Danny Ling Han Wei8 "O" 1A*, 3A's & 4B's

We are so proud of you all on this great and momentous achievement. We wish all of you a happy beginning to the start of a new chapter in life.

SGS Staff, Teachers and students.