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News & Events
Humanities Week 2015
Thu, 17 Sep 2015

Humanities, BAT and Social Studies Department week for 2015 was celebrated on the 2nd and 3rd September 2015 inside the school campus activities and field visit. The department comprises of the subjects Art, BAT, Commerce, Geography, History, Principles of Account and Social Studies. The purpose of the celebration is to instill interest in the students of the subjects and give a platform to exhibit their knowledge and skill. Indeed it was a great success in this year also.

On the 2nd September, year 8 students were organized to do poster making on the title "Green Planet". The year 9 & 10 History students were taken to a trip to "Royal Regalia" to reinstate their academic knowledge with exhibited materials.

Next day, BAT students from year 8 A & B demonstrated their life skill in front of year 7 A & B students at year 8 A class room. Old T Shirts were used to make shopping bags. Students' sewing, cutting and designing skills were beautifully demonstrated on this occasion. Year 7 students really enjoyed the session and are motivated to do better next year. The Deputy Principal visited the display of the finished products and appreciated the students. The session was also video recorded for use as future teaching material.

Later on the day, "International Cultural Presentation" was organized at the Parish Hall. It was the highlight of the events of the day. Students were given the opportunity to present their culture displaying their dressing, food, history, leaders, language, etc. There were Chinese, Indian, Malay, Nepali and Filipino groups of students taking part in this contest. All the presentations were very beautiful, eye catchy and informative. Three teachers were appointed as judges who chose the Indian group as the best presentation. All the student participants were given prizes as a token of appreciation of their enthusiastic participation. The Chairman, Principal, Deputy Principal and the Head of Secondary visited the presentation and enjoyed interacting and taking photos with the participants and tasted their food. All secondary students were taken on a tour of this presentation. All teachers also visited and enjoyed the day which turned out to be a memorable day for teachers and students.

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