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Primary Teacher's Day Celebration
Fri, 2 Oct 2015

The air was full of excitement and festivity as the long awaited Teachers' Day celebration rolled around for the primary section of St. George's School on Tuesday, the 29th September 2015. The students were more than enthusiastic that they would be able to pay tribute to their teachers.

The programme kicked off with a speech by the principal, Mr. Janidi Jingan, who took the opportunity to remind students of the hard work that teachers do. He emphasized that there would be no other professions if not for the hard work of teachers. Students caught the gravity of this statement and upon the principal's urging, turned to their respective teachers and shouted their thanks out loud so that the hall exploded with gratitude.

The students then took the stage from there on in starting with a speech by students representing the primary student body. Teachers were honoured and touched by the genuine speech. The following items were dance and singing items, all of which were organised without any teachers' involvement.

To end the programme, teachers were given name badges and beautiful glass bowls as tokens of appreciation. Students also brought an array of sumptuous food and shared them with teachers and friends in the classroom. A festive spirit was high in the air throughout the afternoon!

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