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St. George's School Celebrates the Outstanding Achievement of 2015 PSR and O Level Students
Thu, 10 Mar 2016

The outstanding achievement of students from St.George's School, Bandar Seri Begawan, in the 2015 Penilian Sekolah Rendah (PSR) and BC GCE 'O' Level Examination ,was celebrated on Saturday 5 March 2016. To acknowledge these 41 successful students in public examinations, SGS held a special event in the school premise. All students who excelled were invited to the award ceremony where academic certificates and prize money were presented.

Over 150 students and invited guests who included family and relatives attended the award ceremony. They were welcomed by the principal, Janidi Jingan, who congratulated the students on their examination successes. The ceremony began with the recitation of Surah Al-Fatihah led by Ustaz Mohd.Hafizuddin bin Awang Masri . Principal Janidi Jingan then gave his welcoming speech in which he spoke on academic achievement as an important part of a student's life as it is an indicator for being at his or her best. Learning how to learn, gaining feedback on learning progress, and setting new learning goals are important components of students achieving excellence. The principal informed that St.George's School would always give recognition to the achievements of her students and encourages them to continue to excel as the ultimate goal of the school, as stated in the school's mission, "St. George's School strives to provide opportunities for the overall integral development to its students through the process of effective nurturing and skills acquisition".

He congratulated the recipients and acknowledged their excellent performance and achievements in their respective examinations. The principal also expressed his sincere gratitude to all parents of these students for their unfailing efforts over the years in ensuring their children are on the right track by monitoring their school work and progress. He informed that the school would always open her door to working in partnership with the parents. Credits were also given to the SGS teachers for their tireless efforts in guiding and teaching the students to achieve their academic potential.

The principal wished the excellent students every success in their future endeavors and encouraged the present students to work hard and aim for excellent results in the years to come. He ended his speech with a cautious reminder: 'The world now is highly unpredictable and changeable. Academic honours alone will not be enough to prepare our students for the challenges of an increasingly uncertain world. It is important to promote an all-round education in order to develop a healthy heart, mind and spirit amongst our students and future leaders.'

The ceremony continued with the presentation of certificates and prize money to the excellent students. A total of 14 students who excelled in the PSR examination in 2015, having obtained 4As and 5As grades, received their certificates and prize money from the Principal, who was assisted by the Head of Primary, Madam Alice Ting. In the 2015 BC GCE 'O' Level examination , 27 students received certificates and prize money for obtaining 8 'O' level grades and 7 'O' level grades. The Principal was assisted by the Head of Secondary, Madam Chew Lai Kwan in the presentation.

The event was further enlivened with performances by the Primary and Secondary Choir groups. All in attendance were then treated to some light refreshments. School administrators, teachers, parents and recipients of the certificates had the opportunity to mingle and come together for a group photo session.

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