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News & Events
Pre-PSR Motivational Talk 2020
By Rebecca Elicay / Alice Ting
Sat, 28 Nov 2020

In preparation for the ongoing PSR examinations, the teachers of the Year 6 class had held many extra classes months prior. Leading up to the day, the Primary Section organized a Year 6 Motivational Talk as part of the pre-PSR preparation session.

The session took place on Thursday, 12th November 2020 from 12:00pm to 3:00pm. In the first hour, the Year 6 students cleaned their classrooms and arranged the hall for the session. Then, the Muslim students had the Solat Sunat Hajat, led by Ustaz Mohidin and Teacher Selomi. Once done, they joined the rest of the Year 6 cohort in the Parish Hall.

The Motivational Talk was attended by Mr. Janidi Jingan, our principal, Mr. NM Mubarak, our deputy principal, Madam Alice Ting, Head of Primary, Year 6 teachers, invited teachers and Year 5 students. The Year 5 students were present to preempt them for the year ahead. Ustaz Mohidin opened the session with the recital of the Surah Al-Fatihah. Then, Mr. Janidi Jingan addressed the students, reminding them that the week of examinations ahead may seem long, but that if they put hard work in, they would not regret it. The deputy principal then came onstage to let students know that the school would reward those who achieve 5As in the PSR examination. The incentive is that successful students would receive 50% discount on their fees in the following academic year.

Madam Alice Ting, Head of Primary, then took the opportunity to present "10 Great Examination Tips" to the students on how to prepare themselves before the PSR examination to get excellent results. Students truly benefited from these tips as they were reminders to the students on how to get themselves organized for their final revision, as well as to rest well and do their best. Year 5 students present were also motivated for the year ahead of them. To close, there was a photo session with the Year 6 students, Mr. Janidi, Mr. NM Mubarak, Madam Alice Ting and Year 6 teachers. The students left the hall that afternoon ready and eager to head into the PSR examinations.