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Welcome to our school

St. George's School is a catholic mission school established since 1937.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for the overall integral development of each student.

Its multi-cultural community comprises of preschoolers, primary students and secondary students. Dedicated and committed staff strives to provide a stimulating environment that prepares students to be independent learners.

Its curriculum equips students to further their studies at any higher institutions nationally and internationally.

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Wed, 24 Feb 2021

( An Inspiring Speech by Nordelyn Suaverde Silvestre who achieved 8A* grades in the 2020 GCE 'O' Level Examination )

A very good morning to our Principal, Deputy Principal, Head of Secondary, teachers and to all the students present at this moment. I am pleased to have an opportunity to make this speech and try to inspire students, like me, to strive for their future.

As introduced by the principal, my name is Nordelyn Silvestre, one of the students of the Year 11 batch 2020.

Throughout the years, I would always receive a common question from students, whether they're my classmates, juniors and even seniors, about my secrets to achieving the grades that I had attained. Though, to be honest, what I practice is information that has already been revealed to us, students.

I understand that you'll rather live an easy-going life, just playing your games, scrolling through social media and hanging out with your group of friends. You don't have to restrict yourself from having fun, but rather, know your limits. As a student from the science stream and taking arts as an additional subject, one thing was super crucial for me and that is time management.

A piece of advice I hope you all can take from my talk is to start with improving your time management. No matter which year you're from, no matter if you're in the science stream or the arts stream, practice organizing your time. Yes, I understand that it can be stressful and tiresome having extra classes almost every day and having less to no time to relax. Plus, the pile of homework that is assigned to you and maybe some of you still have to attend tuition classes. It is mentally exhausting and there are countless days I said to myself, 'I will rather be physically exhausted than be mentally drained."

But, if you stay focused and have good time management, I have the utmost confidence you will succeed and reach your goals.

Lastly, I would like to share a motto I keep and uphold, which is "Never give up, and continue striving for the best". It is a common quote, but I tell this to myself whenever I fall back or start to lose encouragement. It is cliché to tell someone to never give up; however, whatever aspect you'll see it from, whether in academics, sports, competitions or just in life, when you fall, get up and continue. Prove to yourself that whatever struggle you face or challenges you encounter, you can overcome them and continue winning the battle you're in. Only I could motivate myself to stand up and move forward. Therefore, only you yourself can tell yourself to stop lazing around and to start taking action for your future. Other people, your parents, teachers and friends, are there to encourage you, but only YOU can put in the effort to obtain great results.

The values a student possesses are very important for one to succeed throughout the years. For me, what keeps me motivated and going is my dedication to my education, and it does not solely focus on my studies alone but also on the skills I gained. Also, I made a promise to myself which was to repay all the sacrifices my teachers and parents have put up with to provide a great education for me, and I hope I have successfully fulfilled that promise.

Words can be easily said but if you won't put action to those words, there won't be any improvement or you will not find yourself moving forward at all. Therefore, find your inspiration, find your ways of learning, and find your motivation. We all have our ways to truly find what keeps us going, in the aspect of education, and it's never too late to discover it. Start now. Set a goal and be sure that you will be focused and will be able to reach those goals with a great outcome.

I would like to end this speech by taking this opportunity to say THANK YOU to my teachers who had taught me since I first entered this school in Year 7. Thank you for your patience in dealing with us. Without your dedication, time and effort, I wouldn't achieve excellent results. Thank you for constantly pushing me to do great and for motivating us throughout the years up to our 'O' Level examinations, up until the end of our journey. Thank you to the school for allowing me to grow and to discover greater potentials that I would never think I could achieve. I will never forget the great experiences, laughter, struggles, joy and memories I had in this school and I will miss being in this environment. As they say, and know that I could say this quote, 'Once a St.Georgian, always a St.Georgian'.

To the Year 6 who will be taking their PSR Examination, Year 8 for their SPE, and Year 11 who will be writing for their 'O' Level Examination months from now, I wish you all the best for the examination you have been preparing for and I have confidence you can receive excellent results if you stay focused, continue working hard and put the efforts needed.

With that, all the best to everyone in your assessment this upcoming week and I hope you all will attain great results.

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Mon, 22 Feb 2021

St. George's School celebrated the outstanding achievements of the 2020 PSR and GCE 'O' Level students in a recent award presentation ceremony held on Saturday 20 February 2021.

Present at the ceremony were the Chairman of the School Board of Governors, Anthony Liew Voon Chiang, Principal Janidi Jingan, Deputy Principal NM Mubarak, parents, heads of sections, teachers and the excellent students.

In his speech, Principal Janidi Jingan reminded that academic achievement is an important part of a student's life and on 20 February, St George's School recognized the excellent performance of these students in the 2020 PSR and GCE 'O' Level examinations. He acknowledged that many of them have made this award possible through persistence and hard work, through external and internal motivations and through their love for gaining knowledge and the desire to have a better future.

He informed that the Year 11 students of 2020 have made the school proud as they contributed to last year's outstanding performance in the GCE 'O' level examination results.

He also expressed his sincere gratitude to all parents who were present for the award ceremony, for their unfailing efforts over the years in guiding their children. Good nurturing, love, care and support from a young age help their children to enjoy successful and productive years throughout their school experience. The teachers were also thanked for their tireless efforts in guiding and teaching the students to realize their academic potential.

In conclusion to his speech, principal Janidi Jingan cautiously reminded the Year 11 excellent students that the world is now highly unpredictable and changeable. Academic honours alone will not be enough to prepare them for the challenges ahead. Education is about gaining knowledge and the skills needed to better oneself in the world we live in. Therefore, it is important to promote an all-round education to develop a healthy heart, mind and spirit amongst students who are also future leaders. He advised them to stay focused and be ready to begin the next stage of their learning journey.

The ceremony ended with a photo session with the high achievers.

"The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future." - Plato

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Thu, 28 Jan 2021

Although the pandemic had severely affected schools and institutions from hosting events and gatherings last year, St. George's School was very much privileged to have been invited to join the 2-Day BIBD Youth Empowerment Summit 2020 held at the Jerudong International School (JIS) in December 2020.

Ten students were selected to attend the programme physically while 10 others attended it virtually through Zoom due to government regulations as a result of the pandemic. To commemorate the students' participation, the founder of Curious Minds, Mr. Shaun Hoon, and our sponsor for the BIBD YES! Programme, Mrs. Hafiza Mohamad from Progresif, came down to St. George's School to give out certificates of participation to our beloved students.

Besides that, there were also feedbacks from the students about how they were inspired and enlightened during the summit itself. The summit was hosted to build up students' leadership as well as social skills for the future to come. The student themselves also agreed that the summit had given them new perspectives and viewpoints in terms of worldly challenges they need to face as the world is getting more and more modern and developed.

To show our token of appreciation to Progresif for choosing our school out of 32 schools, the principal of our school, Mr Janidi Jingan, presented Mrs. Hafiza Mohamad a certificate of appreciation. Afterwards, we had a group photo session, followed by refreshments. The teachers-in-charge for this eye-opening experience was Teacher Apiza Abd. Latiff and Mr. Eugenio Mendoza.

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Mon, 18 Jan 2021

The Brunei Computer Emergency Response Team (BruCERT) recently held an awareness talk on cybercrime at St.George's School. The talk took place on 14 January 2021. A total of 200 students from Year 7 to Year 9 were in attendance.

The talk covered issues such as Brunei's Computer Misuse Act, social media trends and recent online threats such as ransomware. The students were also educated on the pros and cons of online shopping. Students were treated to brain teasers such as spotting the difference between genuine and phishing websites and the learning of best practices when making a post online.

The event ended with a Question and Answer session where students were able to explore more on the importance of keeping strong passwords. The students also wanted to know the current methods of identity theft.

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Tue, 22 Dec 2020

On 14 December 2020, St. George's School held its Lion and Dragon Eye Dotting Ceremony. The purpose of the ceremony is to 'empower' the dragon and lions to fulfill their duty of bringing about protection, good luck, health and prosperity to those present.

Everyone present had a wonderful time. DMJ Restaurant, DMW Restaurant, RR Sportline, Ins Care Agency, Bozi Remittance and CXA Enterprise sponsored accessories for the dragon and lions.

The school wishes to record thanks to the above sponsors. All donations will be used for the maintenance of equipment and to support students who are in need of financial help for their education.

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Tue, 22 Dec 2020

As with school tradition, the Graduation Day for Kindergarten 3, Year 6 and Year 11 graduands were held on two consecutive days recently at the school hall. This practice is in keeping with the SOP set by the Ministry of Education, Brunei Darussalam where the Covid-19 pandemic is still ravaging the world over.

As with the precautionary measures set, three separate ceremonies were held to recognize the commencement of the graduands. Scanning of the QR Code was a must and temperature screenings were conducted on all graduands and parents. They were constantly reminded to practice social distancing which includes the wearing of face masks.

On the morning of Wednesday 25 November 2020, the Kindergarten 3 students received their certificates from Principal Janidi Jingan. The Year 11 students received their certificates from Mr Anthony Liew and Deputy Principal N.M. Mubarak on Thursday 26 November 2020 in a morning ceremony whereas the Year 6 students received theirs from the principal in the afternoon ceremony.

Speeches were presented by the respective head boys and head girls, and KG 3 representatives.

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Sat, 28 Nov 2020

A group of students in secondary level and teachers from St. George's School recently involved in Batik workshop. This workshop was organised by Art Teacher, Afiqah Hanum Binti Haji Murni and supported by the staff welfare committee of 2020.

A local artist of Brunei Darussalam, Nabil Fikri bin Haronli was conducting this batik workshop. This first experiment of using batik, it is gain student's art skills, broadened their mind and encouraged their creative potential.

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Sat, 28 Nov 2020

In preparation for the ongoing PSR examinations, the teachers of the Year 6 class had held many extra classes months prior. Leading up to the day, the Primary Section organized a Year 6 Motivational Talk as part of the pre-PSR preparation session.

The session took place on Thursday, 12th November 2020 from 12:00pm to 3:00pm. In the first hour, the Year 6 students cleaned their classrooms and arranged the hall for the session. Then, the Muslim students had the Solat Sunat Hajat, led by Ustaz Mohidin and Teacher Selomi. Once done, they joined the rest of the Year 6 cohort in the Parish Hall.

The Motivational Talk was attended by Mr. Janidi Jingan, our principal, Mr. NM Mubarak, our deputy principal, Madam Alice Ting, Head of Primary, Year 6 teachers, invited teachers and Year 5 students. The Year 5 students were present to preempt them for the year ahead. Ustaz Mohidin opened the session with the recital of the Surah Al-Fatihah. Then, Mr. Janidi Jingan addressed the students, reminding them that the week of examinations ahead may seem long, but that if they put hard work in, they would not regret it. The deputy principal then came onstage to let students know that the school would reward those who achieve 5As in the PSR examination. The incentive is that successful students would receive 50% discount on their fees in the following academic year.

Madam Alice Ting, Head of Primary, then took the opportunity to present "10 Great Examination Tips" to the students on how to prepare themselves before the PSR examination to get excellent results. Students truly benefited from these tips as they were reminders to the students on how to get themselves organized for their final revision, as well as to rest well and do their best. Year 5 students present were also motivated for the year ahead of them. To close, there was a photo session with the Year 6 students, Mr. Janidi, Mr. NM Mubarak, Madam Alice Ting and Year 6 teachers. The students left the hall that afternoon ready and eager to head into the PSR examinations.

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Sat, 7 Nov 2020

On 17th October 2020, a group of third year students of BHSc Pharmacy programme from the University of Brunei Darussalam conducted activities for the Year 5 students of St. George's School. "Raising awareness of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus" is a community project organized as part of the "Pharmacy Professional Development and Our Community" module. The community project aims to raise awareness of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus among the students.

Present at the event were the Principal of St. George's School Mr. Janidi Jingan, Deputy Principal Mr NM Mubarak, Head of Primary Section Madam Alice Ting, teachers of St. George's School and Year 5 students. The event began with the recitation of the Surah Al-Fatihah, followed by an introduction of the speakers and the programme for the afternoon.

The cohort of UBD students began the programme by allowing our students to warm up with a very relevant and enjoyable activity of dancing to TikTok favourites. Once done, the third year students gave a brief, yet enriching and informative presentation on Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, its symptoms, complications, risk factors and prevention.

Educational activities were conducted, which the Year 5 students enjoyed participating in as they were made to do quizzes and crossword puzzles against the clock. Arranging a "healthy plate" of food was also included in the activities.

The event ended with a group photo with Mr Janidi Jingan, Mr NM Mubarak, Mdm Alice Ting, Dr Sheba David, the Year 3 Pharmacy students, UBD student volunteers and the Year 5 students of St. George's School.

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Tue, 20 Oct 2020

St. George's School will hold an Open Day for its Kindergarten Section on Friday 23 October 2020 from 9 a.m until 4 pm. The public is invited to enjoy a morning of fun with their children. Bookings can be made with the school for a one hour slot. This offer is also extended to registered kindergarteners who are welcomed to attend the Open Day with their parents.

St. George's Open Day will provide parents the opportunity to explore the Kindergarten, meet with the teachers, ask questions and get information to help them make an informed decision on choosing the school as the best educational choice for their child during their formative years.

On hand to help parents and children enjoy the fun activities planned will be the kindergarten teachers. Lesson based activities and craft work that encompass Malay, English, Bahasa Melayu, Phonics and Science will liven up the entire Open Day. Children will enjoy themselves playing with the toys in the classroom and at the playground. Meanwhile, parents are invited to tour the Kindergarten section to view the facilities available. They can make enquiries on enrollment procedures and the type of education their children will receive at St.George's School.

A souvenir will be given at the end of the session sponsored by the parents of the present Kindergarteners.

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