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Reflections on St. George's School - Year 11 Students in 2014
Thu, 27 Nov 2014

Pramit Rana ... "my life in SGS has been fun since I started school here. Most of my beloved teachers gave very useful guidance in all my subjects."

Maisarah ... "I've been in SGS for 5 years and it has been a wonderful experience. The teachers here are very modest, honest and skillful. SGS is the best school ever!"

Aqil Awang ... "SGS is a place where teachers become your friends and your friends become teachers. Teachers in SGS help the students in any way they can. Each day in SGS is full of surprises."

Kon Yee Kay ... "I've been studying in SGS for close to 9 years. I have made many friends and I will never forget this school."

Ashley Thomas ... "having studied in SGS for 10 years, I have made many amazing friends and I am honoured to have been taught by such professional and amazing teachers!"

Brandon Yong ... "although I've only been studying here for ten months, I managed to make many friends and gained lots of experiences here in this school. I would not have been where I am now without the support I received from SGS."

Batrisyia Saini ... "I started at SGS in Kindergarten 1. I love studying here and I have made new friends each year. I have made memories here and I will never forget SGS."

Lau Shue Yie ... "it has been an amazing 5 years studying in SGS. As a prefect, I am glad to have worked with the teachers and students. I am proud to be a St. Georgian."

Fatin Hadirah Mahadi ... "SGS is one of the most unique schools I've ever been. It might be small but everyone is so close with each other, we are like one big family."

Kan Kah Heng ... "SGS has a tranquil environment. This is the best school in my book!"

Vincent Voon ... "I always feel SGS is my second home. My teachers take care of us well and guides us whenever we face problems. "

Aqilah Serkan ... "SGS is my other home. The students and teachers are my family. We gained confidence in ourselves."

Hana Mikaella Hautea ... "SGS is not just a school. It's like home! The teachers aren't just teachers, they're like parents. My friends and fellow St. Georgians are my brothers and sisters. With the memories I have, I will surely miss SGS. As the saying goes "Once a St. Georgian, always a St. Georgian."

Eddy ... "SGS is my first and last school. I've been in SGS since 2002 and throughout the years, I have gained a lot of friends and lifetime knowledge."

AK Habib ... "I am utterly grateful to have studied in SGS. The memories I have made in SGS will eternally stay in my heart!"

Wennes ... "I like the culture of this school where teachers and students interact well. I've changed a lot in terms of attitude and I've made many friends from different races. This school is indeed one of the best schools."

Hafiz Naqiuddin ... "in SGS I have learnt to be more disciplined and organized. I will always treasure the memories I have of my time in SGS. "

Vincent Poh ... "it has always been exhilarating and fun to study in SGS. I will surely miss my school."

Cer Edson ... "having moved schools many times, coming to SGS is like finally coming home. It is a pleasure to be able to finish my studies in this wonderful school."

Chris Jones ... "like a fountain of peace and tranquility. This is how I will remember SGS as this place is where I had my first formal lesson and my final stop, having completed my Year 11. Our parting will be bitter sweet, I will miss the times here but I am looking forward to life ahead."

Callum J Shim ... "13 years in SGS is indeed a long time but I have made lots of friends who have helped me face the tough moments along my way. Leaving this school is going to be heart-breaking but the great memories of SGS will never be forgotten! "

Lim Hock Long ... "I am going to miss the close bond of friendships that we have made in SGS."

Jheriemiah Joyce ... "I will be forever grateful to the people who have taught me so much to be the person I am today. Thank you for the opportunities and the best years of my life."

Mary Grace ... "I consider SGS as a school with excellent teachers who train their students very well. This school has given me a blissful experience and opportunities for a bright future. Thank you!"

Chis Xin Nen ... "I have learned more than I have in my previous school. Teachers are caring and will help students in the best way they can."

Adib Raup ... "with such a great environment, making and meeting new friends has never been easier."

Jaya Lemque ... "The boards are cleaned, the doors are locked, Years gone by... it's time to go, So goodbye for now ( with a grin on my face ). Persuasion and Patience are what my teachers have, They give more than they receive, And for that I am eternally grateful. I bow my head with honour and pride As the final call comes for my curtains to fall, St. George's School - Thank You for giving your all.

Pratibha Siva Nathan ... "SGS has been like a second home to all of us especially during our last year where we spent most of the hours in a day at school, having extra classes. The five years I spent here have been a memorable experience ; the laughter , the friendships forged and knowledge I have attained here. I grew up in this school and I will truly miss it!"

Leiza Fuentes ... "School's over but memories will stay in our heart forever, Time to fight our last battle, our final frontier, Books and notes our strategy, pencils and pens our only armory, As I look back over the past five years, as I stand here my eyes tear. St. George's, my Alma Mater, you taught me and changed me for the better. I will forever cherish the efforts and love you gave me, My interest and knowledge will never perish, for... "Once A St Georgian, Always A St. Georgian!" I thank SGS for the wonderful, memorable and fun five years."

Natalie Lim & Ang Woan Yean ... "we have learnt teamwork which is the key to success, we have learnt to help others and be helped throughout our journey at SGS."

Hafiz Ali ... "my most memorable time at SGS was as Captain of the Green Sports House. I have fond memories of SGS."

Mirza Musa & Sharon Chan ... "we learned to be independent and we have made many wonderful friends."

Annie & Michelle ... "the time we spent at SGS was worthwhile. We made a lots of friends and practically grew up here. Everything we learnt at SGS was an experience to everyone of us."

Na'im Mustapha ... "the journey we took has been fun... Amongst the laughter and tears, if I were to pick one good memory, it was the time we had to organize the Science Week in 2013. With a short time frame, it was hectic. Everything was all over the place. The world was flipped outside down. But , in the end, even though we were competing against each other, we worked together and pulled the event off. This is one good memory I will never forget about my time in SGS and one that I will forever cherish."