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Welcome to our school

St. George's School is a catholic mission school established since 1937.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for the overall integral development of each student.

Its multi-cultural community comprises of preschoolers, primary students and secondary students. Dedicated and committed staff strives to provide a stimulating environment that prepares students to be independent learners.

Its curriculum equips students to further their studies at any higher institutions nationally and internationally.

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Latest News & Events
Tue, 27 Sep 2022

Graduation ceremonies are important in St. George’s School as such ceremonies allow the celebration of students whom the school have seen grow in their educational endeavours. It also marks for students a time of change, of progression, and of moving on to a new chapter of their lives.


Undeterred by the COVID-19 situation of last year, St. George’s School held the Kindergarten 3, Year 6 and Year 11 graduation ceremonies for the graduating classes of 2021 on Monday, 26th September 2022 at the school’s parish hall. The three ceremonies were held at different times of the day as the school is still mindful of seating capacity precautions. As expected, parents eagerly and excitedly attended to witness these milestone events.


In the principal’s remarks, Mr. Janidi Jingan congratulated the graduating students for their determination and hard work throughout the years. The principal also thanked both students and parents for cooperating during the trying year of online learning, and especially for submitting all the necessary papers for the PSR and O Level assessments. Teachers were also appreciated for their painstaking work in ensuring the students get grades they deserved. Mr. Aywen, the Head of Secondary, Madam Alice Ting, the Head of Primary, and Madam Lily Sim, the Head of Kindergarten, also gave their respective word of thanks to students and parents.  


This occasion brought an end yet beginning to the next phase of our graduands’ lives. St. George’s School is proud to have been able to usher our students into the subsequent journey they will embark on in their pursuit of education.  

Credits for title: Atiqah Morni

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Thu, 22 Sep 2022

Being leaders in St. George’s School, great opportunities are offered to us to hone various skills such as confidence, teamwork and the commitment to serve others rather than to be served. 

In order to provide meaningful experience, the school organised a leadership training on the 27th of August 2022 for leaders and students with the potential and desire to collaborate with the school in making sure that the school values and ethos are inculcated into the minds of the student body, their fellow St. Georgians.  

The first half of the training was held at Muara Beach, where the students were assigned into groups to carry out ice-breaking and team building activities. A few icebreakers played were Head-Shoulder-Knees and Shoe, the Whisper Challenge, Ping-Pong Move Along and Sandcastle Building. The leaders learnt the importance of working together to achieve goals and to understand each other.

The second half of the training was held in school itself. Our ever-supportive Principal, Mr. Janidi Jingan gave us an inspiring speech about the qualities of a leader as well as the importance of understanding that with great power comes great responsibilities. Also present were our encouraging Students Affairs Officers, Cikgu Apiza and Mr. Eugene along with Ms. Evelyn and Mr. Zul.

We believe that all that we have learnt from the training will not only help us to be effective leaders of the school, but also to be responsible citizens and truly, assets of our own countries since we, the leaders, come from diverse cultural backgrounds and are of different nationalities. 

What we have also now come to understand is that leadership is never a finished product, but rather, it is an ongoing process that needs continuous nurture and refinement. As student leaders, we are thankful that St. George’s School could grant us such an opportunity to further ourselves.


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Wed, 14 Sep 2022

The Department of Co-Curriculum Education, Ministry of Education has organised Friday Sermon Competition between the Secondary Schools in Brunei for the year 2022. The competition was conducted via online. The video recording was done by Nicholas B. Tju our Senior IT Technician in the school library.

St. George's School was represented by four students who were divided into two teams.

The results of the competition show that the team of Muhammad Zarif Al-Muzaffar Bin Hj Md Arrifen and Mohammad Daffa Danny Bin Abdullah Ali Hussin finished sixth and the ninth place goes to the team of Nur Muhammad Danial Al-Haqq Bin Hj Arfan and Mohammad Afiq Kasyfi bin Abdullah Md Amirol Dani @ Ahmad Shafiee.

It is hoped that our students gained the experience with the competition format and get prepared for the future competition.

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Tue, 13 Sep 2022

On Wednesday 24th August 2022, a group of 30 St George's School kindergarteners yesterday embarked on an eye-opening adventure to the Animals Kingdom Petting Zoo at Jerudong Park.

After a safety briefing and catching a train to the venue, the visitors were split into smaller groups.

Zoo rangers chaperoned the pupils as they fed and got up close to the animals.

Other activities included animals puzzle and creating "lively caterpillar".

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Sat, 27 Aug 2022

St. George's School students excitedly made their way to the city's Eco-Corridor Park on Thursday, 25th August 2022 for the Annual Cross-Country Race! After taking a hiatus for the past few years due to the pandemic, the cross-country was held to promote health and fitness amongst both students and teachers.

The students ran eagerly as all were told that those who came in the first ten positions for each age group would receive a prize. Present to start the event were the Chairman of the School Board of Governors, Mr Anthony Liew, the School Principal Mr Janidi Jingan and the Deputy Principal Mr N.M. Mubarak.

Runners erupted in a peal of anticipation as the starter's horn sounded, and the race was run according to age groups of Above 15 and Under 15 for both boys and girls respectively. The participation of the students from Year 6 to Year 11 was very encouraging and all were in high spirits to support one another, making it a good end to the second school term.

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Wed, 24 Aug 2022

St. Georges School held its 33rd KG and Primary Novelty Games on Saturday, 8th August 2022. The Chairman of the School Board, Mr. Anthony Liew was in attendance of the event, as well as Principal Janidi Jingan, Deputy Principal N.M. Mubarak and parents of students involved.

In compliance with the current Covid Pandemic SOP, the Novelty Games were separated into two parts - the KG games and the Primary games to avoid overcrowding the school grounds. The event commenced just before 2 p.m. with an opening by the emcee followed by welcoming remarks from Principal Janidi Jingan. The KG novelty games began immediately after, and it saw games such as Ball Balancing Race, Hula Hoop & Ball Obstacle Race, Fill the Cup & Count, Ball Tossing Relay and Flour & Spoon Race played by the KG 1, 2 and 3 students. Parents were invited to play alongside their children for the some of the games.

As an intermission between the KG and Primary games, parents and students were treated to an Aerobic Performance by the Year 5 students. The Primary novelty games then kicked off, seeing games such as Watch Your Step, Ring the Cones, Crazy Water, Stack Attack, Hula Hoop Relay, Finding Lost Marbles and many more. Prizes were presented by the Principal immediately after each game and all classes had group pictures taken post-awarding. Although each game had a winning team, there were no losers for the day as each student walked away with a prize, goodie bags and most importantly, the values of teamwork and camaraderie amongst their peers.

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Wed, 17 Aug 2022

Six of our Year 9 students have participated in the Road Safety Quiz Competition on 15 August 2022. The competition was organised by the Co-Curriculum Education Department, Ministry of Education and was conducted online. 

The results of the competition were released on 16 August 2022. Two students have qualified to participate in the Final Stage which will be held in October. The students are Muhammad Daffa Dany bin Abdullah Ali Hussin, 9B and Muhd Adam Danish Hakimi bin Hj Mohd Ayub, 9A.

Congratulations, boys!

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Tue, 26 Jul 2022

A group of 31 Art and Design students from St. George's School are collaborating in an art exhibition with IGS College from Monday, 25th July 2022. The exhibition is held at IGS College, Kiulap, Bandar Seri Begawan. Cikgu Afiqah Hanum binti Hj Murni is the teacher in-charge.

The exhibition showcases the works of students from IGS and St. George's School. The theme of the exhibition is "12th Vibe". The exhibition is to show appreciation for the hard work of the students and acts as exposure for students to the world of work and professional practice when seeking employment.

This experience of collaborating with IGS College in the art exhibition gives additional exposure to the students of St. George's School, apart from raising their creative potential and broadening their minds towards future events.

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Year 9

  • Amber Sim Yu Ying
  • Chhimal Shrestha
  • Goh Li Ting
  • Mohamed Hafiz Saboor Nagoor Gani

Year 10

  • Angellyna Azriel binti Birosleh
  • Deepen Rana
  • Elvies Pui Xie Yang
  • Esther Jayne Mendez Kiok
  • Liew Zhi Jia @ Windy
  • Maxine Leigh Manalo Jumao-as
  • Voon Qi
  • Wyndee Mae Ucab
  • Nicholas Wong Sing Wang
  • Sarah Ehyam Enopia Ancero
  • Shriborno Mukherjee
  • Kutty Mohanraj Hari Hara Sudhan

Year 11

  • Adiba Kamal Orthi
  • David Azriel bin Birosleh
  • Jadeanne Ho Shu Ting
  • Karan Rai
  • Lim Ren Hong
  • Lim Sheau Shi
  • M.S. Giri Dharan
  • Marq Andrew Tolentino Hizola
  • Mohamed Waazif Saibudeen
  • Nur Saffiyyah Bukhairah binti Mohd Sufri @ Nur Maria Saleha
  • Shreya Gurung
  • Farah Dhaniah bte Sujalani
  • Jason Corbin Lamintao Canizo
  • Mohammad Khwarizmi Nazmi
  • Sameeha Raza
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Sat, 9 Jul 2022

On Thursday 7th of July 2022, St. George's School held the first Parent-Teacher meeting (PTM) of the year for both Primary and Secondary school levels. In conjunction with this meeting, the school launched its Web-App - "SGS App Portal" with a short briefing to demonstrate how to install the app and to reveal the App's Features.

The Web-app was developed by Mr. Nicholas B. Tju, the IT Tech of the school. He saw the need to make handling of school matters more convenient. Hence, he took the initiative to plan and develop the application. The app, which has been used by teachers since October 2021 to take students' attendance during remote learning, saw great success. With this in mind, the school decided to implement the app fully. It is now being used to monitor the daily attendance of students during lessons according to subjects and more features have been added to broaden its capabilities.

The school's IT team gave a briefing to parents/guardians who were present. They were assisted by prefects. Parents/guardians were given a quick tour of the core functions of the app, which includes the checking of school fees, attendance and the uploading of ART results, amongst other things. Teacher Luxman who led the briefing mentioned that more features will be added in due course. It was also revealed during the briefing that the school is already discussing the prospect of adding a feature that allows parents to pay school fees directly from the app. The school hopes that the web application will benefit both parents and teachers alike.

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Sat, 2 Jul 2022


The talk was conducted by the Nationhood Unit of the Nationhood and Community Division, Department of Information, Prime Minister's Office. It was attended by 91 students from Year 7 classes on 13th June 2022. The objective of the programme is to reach out to teenagers in schools so that they have knowledge on the importance of knowing and understanding of our National Flag, and National Anthem. This is also part of the government's effort to instill the spirit of Nationhood amongst students in Brunei Darussalam.

The programme began with the welcoming speech from Head of Bahasa Melayu, Dayang Norrasidah binti Jumat. Students also participated in the quizzes and those who successfully answered the quizes also received gifts presented by the school's Deputy Principal, Mr. NM Mubarak.

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