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St. George's School is a catholic mission school established since 1937.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for the overall integral development of each student.

Its multi-cultural community comprises of preschoolers, primary students and secondary students. Dedicated and committed staff strives to provide a stimulating environment that prepares students to be independent learners.

Its curriculum equips students to further their studies at any higher institutions nationally and internationally.

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Latest News & Events
Thu, 14 Sep 2023

In an effort to foster cross-cultural educational collaboration and the exchange of innovative teaching ideas, a group of sixteen educators from various Singapore schools led by Miss Lim Puay Ee of Canberra Secondary School, Singapore, embarked on a visit to St. George's School in Brunei Darussalam, on September 13, 2023, Wednesday. 

The visit aimed to create a platform for knowledge sharing, professional development, and to strengthen the bonds between educators from both countries. This report highlights the key aspects of the visit, including the objectives, activities, and outcomes.

The primary objectives of the visit are:

- To facilitate the sharing of pedagogical strategies, teaching methods, and classroom practices between Singaporean and Bruneian teachers.

- To promote cultural understanding and appreciation between the two nations through interactions among teachers. 

- To provide opportunities for professional growth by exposing Singaporean teachers to Brunei's education system and vice versa.

Upon their arrival, the Singaporean visitors were warmly welcomed by St. George's School Principal Mr. Janidi Jingan, Chairman Mr. Anthony Liew, Deputy Principal Mr. N.M. Mubarak, Heads of Sections, and teachers. 

Principal Mr. Janidi briefed the visitors about the school, mission, vision, educational system, facilities, and the activities carried out in the school. Then it was followed by discussions and idea sharing during which teachers of both the countries shared on the school system in Singapore and Brunei. This fostered cultural appreciation and understanding.

Followed by a photo session, the Singaporean educators were given guided tours of St. George's School facilities, including the computer labs, science labs and other facilities.

Both Singaporean and St. Georges’ educators benefited from sharing their experiences and learning from each other. The visit also contributed to stronger cultural ties and promoted mutual understanding between the two nations. 

The visit of Singaporean teachers to St. George's School in Brunei was a resounding success in achieving its objectives of knowledge exchange, cultural understanding, and professional development. 

The visit laid the foundation for future collaborations and continued knowledge exchange. The sessions ended with a sumptuous brunch hosted by St. George’s School.

The Singapore visitors expressed their sincere gratitude to St. George's School in Brunei Darussalam for the warm hospitality and willingness to engage in this educational exchange. They returned home with new ideas and fresh perspectives.

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Tue, 22 Aug 2023

On 17th and 19th August 2023, a total of 34 Geography students visited the Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department (BDMD), located near the Brunei International Airport. The students were divided into two groups. The first group, which consisted of 18 students from Year 10B, visited BDMD on Thursday, whereas the second group, consisting of 16 students from Year 9B, went on Saturday afternoon.

On arrival at the site, students and teachers first collected a visitor pass in exchange for an IC or passport. The students then had the opportunity to tour the Meteorological Garden and the Weather Forecast Centre of BDMD. Students engaged in interactive sessions, presentations, and demonstrations conducted by knowledgeable officers and staff.

In a presentation by Ms. Nadiah Yasin, a BDMD officer shared that, beginning in the late 1950s, weather service in Brunei primarily served aviation activities. She added that over the years, the demand for meteorological services grew, and since 14 January 2013, BDMD has officially been the country's National Meteorological Service and is the authority responsible for the provision of meteorological and climate services.

It is hoped that this field trip and witnessing the work carried out by professionals in BDMD will inspire and help students connect theory with real-world applications and contribute to their overall learning and development. Before leaving, teachers and students enjoyed some refreshments and took group photos with the BDMD staff members.

We are grateful to the Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department for hosting this educational field trip and making it an invaluable experience for the St. Georgians!

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Tue, 22 Aug 2023

“The most important work you will do will be within the walls of your own home”

On 19th August 2023, St. George's School conducted an English Language Workshop for Lower Primary Parents at the Parish Hall. Spearheaded by Head of Primary Madam Alice Ting, as well as facilitator, Teacher Atiqah Morni, the workshop was held with the aim of focusing on phonetic awareness and blending techniques, specifically designed to help parents teach their children effectively at home. 

The workshop saw the presence of the school CEO, Anthony Liew, Principal Janidi Jingan, Deputy Principal N.M. Mubarak, teachers and over twenty parents as participants. The event started with a welcoming speech by Principal Janidi Jingan who emphasized on the aims of the workshop and the importance of learning Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar. Following this, there was a story-telling segment by one student from Year 2B, Thahfeem, and one student from Year 6A, Jaireh. Parents were able to see the results of effective Jolly Phonics training through the clear and concise presentation from both students. 

To start the first session, Madam Alice Ting reiterated the aim of the workshop, which was to implement various strategies and techniques that would assist parents in teaching their children the fundamentals of phonetic awareness, blending, spelling and grammar for effective reading, writing and communication. She then introduced the basic skills of Jolly Phonics - Letter-Sound Recognition, Letter Formation, Segmenting and Blending Skills as well as Identifying Sounds in Words. She also touched on the basics of Jolly Grammar, including the importance of reading - along with a showcase of a number of books that could prove useful in child learning and development. A quick group photo and light refreshments soon followed after the first session. 

Teacher Atiqah kicked off the second session, explaining her goals for the session which was to ensure parents’ confidence in teaching spelling systematically, expanding vocabulary, improving comprehension and introducing parts of speech. She then delved into the benefits and uses of Jolly Grammar, using a number of physical activities and practices that kept parents engaged and focused for the remainder of the session. Participants were then split into different groups where they had a number of hands-on activities regarding different parts of speech. 

At the end of the workshop, parents were able to bring home a learning pack with multiple course materials in the form of teaching sheets as well as phonetic sound cards. It is hoped that the parents who attended the workshop had many takeaways from the sessions and that they are now better equipped in nurturing and supporting their child’s language journey.

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Tue, 22 Aug 2023

On Thursday, August 17th, 2023, St. George's School welcomed three delegates from Japan for an official school visit.

The delegation consisted of Mr Tomoo Nakayama, who is the Coordinator and Chief Global Partnership Officer at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan, Mr. Hiroshi Kanazawa, the Chief Advisor to the Chairman of Tomeikan Junior and High School & Mr. Masayasu Uno, the Head of the International Department at Oberlin Junior and Senior High School. 

The purpose of this visit was to network with our local schools and establish potential transnational collaborations between Japanese and Bruneian schools. The visit began with a warm welcoming speech by our school Principal, Mr. Janidi Jingan, who shared about the history of our school and the Brunei educational system, as well as SPN 21, our national education system. 

To conclude, the delegation went on a tour of the school and also, there was a networking session. St. George's School hopes for a collaboration with Japanese schools in the future. 

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Tue, 22 Aug 2023

On Wednesday, August 16th, 2023, a group of 40 Kindergarten 2 students, along with 4 teachers embarked on a field trip to the Royal Brunei Air Force located in Kampong Rimba. Upon reaching the Air Movement Centre, the students and teachers received a warm welcome from Royal Brunei Air Force personnel, followed by a comprehensive briefing on the organisational structures of RBAF.

Subsequently, our group of Little St. Georgians had the opportunity to observe military uniforms, weaponry, and helicopters utilised by the Royal Brunei Air Force. Before the end of the trip, both students and teachers were treated to light refreshments in Dewan Punai.

At St. George's School, we strongly believe that participating in such an educational field trip offers a valuable experience that contributes to our students' learning and personal development.

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Mon, 21 Aug 2023

Pada 1 hingga 3 Ogos  dan 14 hingga 17 Ogos 2023 , empat orang jururawat dari Jabatan Kesihatan Sekolah, Kementerian Kesihatan telah datang ke sekolah ini untuk membuat pemeriksaan kesihatan dari segi penglihatan, berat badan, ketinggian serta tulang belakang terhadap pelajar-pelajar Tahun 1 , Tahun 2 , Tahun 4 , Tahun 5 , Tahun 7 dan Tahun 8. Pemeriksaan dijalankan di Dewan "Parish Hall" pada sesi pagi dan petang.

Manakala, pemeriksaan pendengaran hanya dilakukan terhadap pelajar Tahun 4 sahaja. 

Diharap dengan adanya pemeriksaan kesihatan ini dapat memantau masalah kesihatan pelajar-pelajar pada peringkat awal. 

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Tue, 8 Aug 2023

Saturday, 29th July 2023, had witnessed another one of St George’s School's successful events this year which was the SGS Entrepreneur Day 2023 also known as Ent-Fair.

This event was initiated by Head of Secondary, Mr Aywen Chak, and fully organised by the members of the Humanities Department.  The event was open to all upper secondary students from Year 9 to Year 11 with the purpose of giving the students the opportunity to learn basic business knowledge, and that they might experience by themselves how to run a small business. 

The response from the upper secondary students was overwhelming and unexpected. Nineteen booths were registered and they offered varieties of foods, beverages, confectionaries, girls' accessories, educational games, and others.  Prior to the event, each group had promoted their stalls through social media like Instagram and Tik Tok, and students also printed posters and flyers which were given out to potential customers.  All booths were operated solely by the students.

Supported by unexpected crowds of the day by parents, ex-students, students from other schools, and friends, this event was seen as successful where a few of the stalls managed to earn cash sales amounting to more than $500!

Congratulations to all students who were involved, and appreciation to Mr Aywen Chak and the members of Humanities Department.

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Fri, 4 Aug 2023

The celebration of Book Week in the Kindergarten on July 12, 2023, aimed to ignite a lifelong reading habit among the children while nurturing their imagination and creativity.

Each class brought their selected storybooks to life through captivating shows, which left the parents in awe. The presence of parents during the shows fostered a sense of community engagement and highlighted the importance of shared reading experiences. The remarkable performances by our dedicated pupils and teachers showcased effort and dedication.

Book Week conveyed to our pupils that books are not limited to their time in kindergarten but something they can cherish and benefit from throughout their lives.

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Fri, 4 Aug 2023

Saturday, 29th July 2023, was a day to remember for the Kindergarten and Primary pupils of St. George's School as everyone gathered together at school to celebrate the 34th Annual Kindergarten Novelty Games & Primary Sports Meet.

Guest of honour, Mr Anthony Liew Vun Chiang, Chairman of the School Board of Governors, officially opened the games. Principal Janidi Jingan, in his welcoming speech, informed that the primary objective of the school in organizing this event was to display students' growing developmental skills in a fun and engaging manner. He also urged all parents to support their children in participating in sports to build discipline and perseverance.

Various types of games were held for the pupils. In a great show of togetherness, parents were invited to join in the games with their kindergarteners, working together as they ran through courses set by the class teachers. Some of the games played were the Cup Relay, Zig Zag Race, Leg Tie Obstacle, Mat Relay, Stack and Dash, Ring the Cones, Sponging Water and many more!

As the games drew to a close, the Red House came out as the Overall Champion of this year’s novelty games! It was no doubt a fun-filled day for everyone. Prizes were won, speeches were given, and winners were celebrated.

Another successful meet for St George’s. The School hopes to continue to foster a sense of community among all members of the school in the future.

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Tue, 1 Aug 2023

Selasa, 25 Julai – Jabatan Bahasa Melayu Sekolah St. George julung-julung kalinya telah mengadakan 'Pertandingan Mari Bercerita' bagi pelajar-pelajar menengah bawah dan 'Pertandingan Penyampaian Ceramah' bagi pelajar-pelajar menengah atas. Pertandingan ini diadakan bersempena dengan bulan bahasa yang disambut pada setiap bulan Julai di Negara Brunei Darussalam.

Acara dimulakan dengan bacaan Surat Al-Fatihah oleh Cikgu Hasrin bin Hj Abd Rahman dan diikuti dengan penyampaian ucapan daripada pengetua sekolah, Janidi Jingan. Dalam ucapan pengetua sekolah tersebut ada mengingatkan pelajar tentang kepentingan mata pelajaran Bahasa Melayu selaras dengan bahasa rasmi di negara ini. Beliau juga menegaskan kepentingan Bahasa Melayu di alam persekolahan mahupun di alam pekerjaan suatu hari nanti. Di samping memberikan galakan kepada pelajar untuk sentiasa lulus dalam pembelajaran dan menanamkan sifat mencintai Bahasa Melayu.

Adapun objektif bagi pertandingan ini adalah untuk melestarikan mata pelajaran Bahasa Melayu bersempena dengan bulan bahasa, di samping memberi peluang kepada para pelajar untuk bercakap di hadapan khalayak ramai serta dapat mencungkil bakat pelajar-pelajar khususnya bagi mata pelajaran Bahasa Melayu di sekolah ini.

Acara diteruskan dengan 'Pertandingan Mari Bercerita' bagi pelajar menengah bawah. Seramai 12 orang pelajar tahun 7 dan 8 mengikuti pertandingan ini. Dalam pertandingan tersebut, pelajar memilih sebuah buku cerita yang diminati dan mempersembahkan serta menceritakan kisah tersebut  di hadapan khalayak ramai. Hakim bagi pertandingan ini ialah Cikgu Norrasidah binti Jumat dan Cikgu Hjh Nur Aqilah bt Hj Md Syukri. Tempat pertama bagi pertandingan ini dimenangi oleh Muhammad Azib Azka bin Mohd Arif @ Azib Azka Khan (Tahun 7A) dengan tajuk ‘Lagenda Buaya Putih’. Tempat kedua dimenangi oleh Ak Muhammad Fakrul Danish bin Pg Md Khairol Hadli @ Eswandy (Tahun 7B) dengan tajuk ‘Takar emas’. Tempat ketiga dimenangi oleh Maleqca Anak Magdelynie (Tahun 8B) dengan tajuk ‘Sang Serigala dengan Pakaian Kambingnya’.

Setelah itu, diikuti dengan Pertandingan Ceramah bagi pelajar menengah atas. Seramai 12 orang pelajar tahun 9,10 dan 11 mengikuti pertandingan ini. Dalam pertandingan tersebut, pelajar menyampaikan ceramah berdasarkan tajuk yang diberikan dengan isi, gaya dan intonasi tersendiri. Hakim bagi pertandingan ini ialah Cikgu Hasrin bin Hj Abd Rahman dan Cikgu Salmah bt Hj Julaihi. Tempat pertama bagi pertandingan ini dimenangi oleh Nur Muhammad Danial Al-Haqq bin Hj Ar’fan (Tahun 11A) dengan tajuk ‘Masalah Buli’. Tempat kedua dimenangi oleh Siti Nurmaziah Khalisah bt Hj Mayadi (Tahun 10B) dengan tajuk ‘Pelajar Cemerlang’. Tempat ketiga dimenangi oleh Darlene Casey Jutic Namoc (Tahun 11B) dengan tajuk ‘Belia harapan bangsa’.

Dengan ini, sekolah berharap agar aktiviti seperti ini akan menarik lebih ramai lagi pelajar berminat ikut serta dalam peraduan-peraduan yang dianjurkan oleh Jabatan Bahasa Melayu Sekolah St George.

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