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Welcome to our school

St. George's School is a catholic mission school established since 1937.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for the overall integral development of each student.

Its multi-cultural community comprises of preschoolers, primary students and secondary students. Dedicated and committed staff strives to provide a stimulating environment that prepares students to be independent learners.

Its curriculum equips students to further their studies at any higher institutions nationally and internationally.

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Latest News & Events
Wed, 14 Jul 2021

The St.George's School Triennial Walkathon was held at the car park of the Hockey Stadium in Berakas on Sunday, 11th July 2021. The event took off to a great start with a zumba session led by Teacher Gladys and Teacher Sarah. More than 300 students, parents and supporters took part in this event. The Chairman of the Board of Governors of St George's School, Mr Anthony Liew, together with the principal, Mr Janidi Jingan, flagged off the walk for every category. Other members of the Board of Governors; Mr Freddy Ho, Mr Charles Shim and Mr Vincent Mah, were on hand to lend their support.

Tokens of appreciation were awarded to the first three participants of each category who completed the course.

On behalf of the School Board of Governors, teachers, staff and students of St. George's School, the school wish to thank all the parents and friends who participated in the Walkathon.

To everyone involved in this charitable event, a warm and sincere "Thank You" for your support, particularly in helping the school collect funds. The students at St. George's School will benefit from your contribution, both now and in the future. In times of limited resources, contributions such as yours make an incredible difference in boosting the learning process of our students.

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Wed, 30 Jun 2021

It was unlike any previous years, but we did manage to have our 2021 Sports Day(s)!

To comply with Covid guidance, we introduced various measures:

- Only participants from each sports house are to attend preliminary rounds and the final day event.
- To avoid grouping together in public we excluded the parade of contingents.
- We left empty lanes between runners for the track events.
- Temperature Scans and Attendance were taken for all participants and teachers.
- Sadly, we were unable to invite family and friends to watch.

Despite all these, we were able to have a great time and the students all competed fiercely but fairly across a full range of events, supporting and encouraging each other throughout: Sprint, long jump, shotput, javelin, relay races, long-distance race and tug of war.

On June, Saturday 26th, we held our sprint finals and tug of war finals. Congratulations to the Blue house for obtaining the title of Champion House for the Year 2021, after more than a decade of waiting!

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Fri, 23 Oct 2020

St. George's School will hold an Open Day for its Kindergarten Section on Friday 23 October 2020 from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. The public is invited to enjoy a morning of fun with their children. Bookings can be made with the school for a one hour slot. This offer is also extended to registered kindergarteners who are welcomed to attend the Open Day with their parents.

St. George's Open Day will provide parents the opportunity to explore the Kindergarten, meet with the teachers, ask questions and get information to help them make an informed decision on choosing the school as the best educational choice for their child during their formative years.

On hand to help parents and children enjoy the fun activities planned will be the kindergarten teachers. Lesson based activities and craft work that encompass Malay, English, Bahasa Melayu, Phonics and Science will liven up the entire Open Day. Children will enjoy themselves playing with toys in the classroom and at the playground. Meanwhile, parents are invited to tour the Kindergarten section to view the facilities available. They can make enquiries on enrollment procedures and the type of education their children will receive at St. George's School.

A souvenir will be given at the end of the session sponsored by the parents of the present Kindergarteners.

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Wed, 14 Oct 2020

St. George's School students of Year 4 were educated on infectious diseases and how to prevent their spread during a talk given by some Year 3 Pharmacy students of the University of Brunei Darussalam (UBD) on Saturday 10 October 2020. The talk entitled 'Together Against Infectious Diseases' was a part of their campaign to raise awareness on the importance of self-hygiene in preventing infectious diseases.

Present at the event were the Principal of St. George's School Mr. Janidi Jingan, Head of Primary Section Madam Alice Ting, teachers of St. George's School and Year 4 students. Madam Alice Ting gave a warm welcome to Dr Goh Poh Hui, three Year 3 Pharmacy students of UBD and some student volunteers from the said university. The event began with the recitation of the Surah Al-Fatihah, followed by an introduction of the speakers and the programme for the afternoon.

A short presentation was then given by the UBD students, which touched on the spread of infectious diseases, good hand-hygiene, appropriate coughing and sneezing etiquette and proper mask use. Nine volunteers from the Year 4 students were then called onto the stage for an activity whereby each student was given some glow-gel lotion to apply on the hands. UV light was then shone on the hands to check for the presence of bacteria.

Next on the programme was a self-hygiene demonstration. Students were asked to divide themselves into four groups and take turns to visit four stations set up in the hall. Two of the stations explained why wearing a mask is important. The students were also taught the correct way of tying masks on their heads. The other two stations explained to students why it is important to properly wash their hands. After the demonstration, the students were treated to half an hour of mini games which included crosswords, matching games and a version of snakes and ladders called 'Sneeze and Soaps'.

The event ended with Dr Goh Poh Hui presenting a token of appreciation to Mr.Janidi Jingan, followed by a group photo with Mr Janidi Jingan, Mr NM Mubarak, Mdm Alice Ting, Dr Goh, the Year 3 Pharmacy students, UBD student volunteers and the year 4 students of St.George's School.

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Wed, 30 Sep 2020

A group of Year 10 students from St. George's School recently visited an art exhibition on 17th September 2020. The students were accompanied by their Art teacher, Cikgu Afiqah Hanum binti Hj Murni.

Over 194 paintings from the renowned local artist, Pengiran Abdul Wahab Hassan Al-Abbas, were displayed at the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Brunei Darussalam. In the event, students managed to see artworks based on three different but closely connected themes; 'spiritual development', 'nature' and 'Kampong Ayer'.  The students also had the opportunity to interview the artist himself about his work of over 42 years.

This first experience of visiting an art exhibition enabled the students to gain additional exposure to art, broadened their mind and encouraged their creative potential.

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Wed, 23 Sep 2020

St. George's School has been instilling the value of gratitude among its students, teaching them to appreciate the good deeds other people have done for them. SGS walked the talk when the school organized a Team Building Activity, Motivational Talk and a Get-together for Year 11 Leaders as an expression of gratitude and appreciation for their immense contributions to the school.

On September 12, 2020, Saturday, the Office of Students Affairs organized a trip to Pulau Pelumpong where the Team Building Activities and Motivational Talk were held. The students were also given the chance to explore various fish farms on the way to Pelumpong. The leaders were accompanied by the Students Affairs officers and some staff members. The CEO, Mr. Anthony Liew, Mr. Janidi Jingan, the Principal and Mr. N.M. Mubarak, the Deputy Principal were also present to support the activities.

Ms. Rebecca Elicay, the Head of the English Department of the Primary Section shared her vast experience as a leader. She also provided tips on how to be a positive influencer with their fellow St. Georgians and with others. Games were also provided to the leaders where they evinced their prowess and their ability to work together to achieve their goals.

The participants could not contain their emotion after the event as they are about to leave the school in a few weeks' time after they write the 'O' Level examinations. The event concluded where the Year 11 Leaders expressed their gratitude to their fellow leaders and to their teachers for providing them some essential life lessons before venturing on a more challenging journey.

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Mon, 24 Aug 2020

Chinese New Year is never complete without the Lion Dance and the Dragon Dance. These two traditional dances and performances are part of the Chinese culture and are often seen in this festive celebration.

Both dance traditions date back almost more than a thousand years, and though both the lion and dragon have similar reputations as being mythical, powerful, and auspicious, they differ in many ways.

The most significant difference between the two dances is that the Lion Dance is performed by two people only while a group of 9-15 dancers performs the Dragon Dance for a 18-25 metre-long dragon. Dragon costumes are controlled with long poles while lion costumes are controlled from within the Lion's head and tail.

St. George's School is grateful to the many contributors of lions and a dragon to her troupe. The school wishes to thank YB Ong Tiong Oh, His Excellency the Right Reverend Bishop Cornelius Sim, Ang Weei Ming, Steven Yap, Shafiqul Islam, Saibudee Mohd Jameel, Lim Beng Fong and Lim Beng Chun. Their contributions of the lions, dragon and accessories have made possible the formation of the SGS Lion Dance Troupe which performed for the first time during the 2020 Chinese New Year celebration at the school. In 2021, the dragon dance will be showcased for the first time.

Special thanks also go to Fredrick Yap who selflessly volunteered to coach the students and to the teachers in-charge Steven Yap ( Head ), Mubarak Hj Ibrahim, Apiza Latiff, Selomi Idris and Balthazear G Henry.

St. George's School wishes to say once again to our contributors, 'Thank you for your donation and helping to make a difference.'

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Tue, 11 Aug 2020

St. George's school is appreciative of the kind gesture by Roche Industries and Trading Sdn.Bhd., for their donation of 100 liters of a cleaning agent which contained 75% Ethanol. With the Covid-19 situation still prevalent throughout the world, it is always wise to be vigilant at all times when it comes to hygiene matters.

On 10 August 2020, Ms Tiffany Sia Hui Ging, a representative of Roche Industries and Trading Sdn. Bhd., visited St. George's School to present the in-kind donation of the cleaning agent to Principal Janidi Jingan. Also present to receive the in-kind donation was Deputy Principal NM Mubarak and Head of Secondary Mdm LK Chew.

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Sat, 25 Jul 2020

In light of the evolving worldwide Covid-19 situation, St. George’s School continues to take precautionary measures to ensure our school remains a safe environment for learning.

To mitigate the chances of cases entering our school compound, screening counters have been set up at four stations around the school. Daily visual screening and temperature checks are adopted for staff, students and visitors. Those unwell are not permitted to enter the school premise.

Teachers will continue to be vigilant and monitor their students in classrooms throughout the day. Fixed exam-style seating in classrooms ensured extra social-distancing practice.

The wearing of face mask has become the norm at the school. Sanitizers are placed at all screening counters, classrooms, staffroom and the school office. Staff and students have been educated on good personal hygiene practices and responsible social behaviour.

Safe-guarding our students’ well-being is our priority so that our students can continue to experience face-to-face lessons whilst parents are comforted to know that their children are in safe hands because of these precautionary measures.

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Mon, 15 Jun 2020

Another established company has extended further assistance to St.George's School to help ease the implementation of social distancing practices at the school.

Samima Books and Stationery Company, an established books and stationery retailer in Brunei, donated 30 boxes of face masks, 36 bottles of hand sanitisers and 3 pieces of thermometers. Mr Mohamad Rafi represented the company to present the items. On hand to receive the donation were Principal Janidi Jingan, Deputy Principal NM Mubarak, Head of Primary Alice Ting and Bursar Rebecca Ong.

St.George's School wishes to record her thanks to Samima Books and Stationery Company for their generous and timely donation.

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